2-Day Immersion | Kickstart

Two Day Program | Defined Plan | Tangible results

Performance 7's 2-Day Kickstart Immersion is the first step to transforming your business into an industry dominating company.

2-Day Kickstart Immersion

Presented by certified Scaling Up coach Anna Samios and her team. 

New to Scaling Up? This program has the ultimate structure to kickstart your scaling journey. 

During the immersion, you’ll work with Anna to implement the Scaling Up framework and develop an actionable strategic plan, so you can grow your company with confidence and clarity.

It starts with the plan

Ask yourself… what do I need to grow my business? Is it time, money, a clear vision… a strong team that has your back? You know the answer. It’s all of those things, and it’s easier said than done.

A clear, articulated plan that identifies your key priorities and unites your team toward a common goal is the foundation for success. 

The 2-Day Kickstart Immersion will give you that plan.

The Performance 7 Kickstart 2-Day Immersion Delivers:

Anna Drives Results

Anna sources the world’s best practice business growth tools and adapts them for Australian companies. Her tried and true process drives real results.

Certified Scaling Up Coach

About Anna Samios

Anna loves seeing Australian companies succeed and she knows Scaling Up delivers results.

It’s a passion and a drive that are deeply personal. As a girl, growing up in Sydney, Anna watched her parents’ daily struggle to run their family business.

As a business owner, she’s walked the walk, running her own Chartered Accountancy firm in partnership with her husband Pete for over 20 years. This connection is why Anna is so passionate about helping founders and leaders achieve their goals.

Anna really lives for what she delivers… She’s a very positive person and she has that hands on experience. She brings everyone together in the room but also gives you time individually… you leave full of confidence and you feel like she has your back.

– Angela Harlan, Director | ACS Engineering

Are you ready to Scale Up?

Take the first step toward implementing the internationally proven framework that has helped over 70,000 companies world-wide grow and thrive. Kickstart your journey by applying for our 2-Day Immersion.

Anna Samios’s Success Stories

Right now, over 280 Australian companies are reaching their goals and enjoying sustained growth, thanks to certified Scaling Up coach, Anna Samios. From established family businesses through to tech industry start-ups, Anna’s passion and proven process drive real results. It’s a promise that’s 100% backed by her personal guarantee.