About Us

We empower business leaders and their teams to succeed and reach their full potential.

Our team of experts, led by Scaling Up Certified Coach, Anna Samios, are ready to lighten your entrepreneurial load. We have the correct tools and experience to grow your business towards scaling success.

We have carefully curated our team of coaching and training professionals. Our team includes experts skilled in teaching and implementing strategy, people, execution, cash and sales.

We work with CEOs and their leadership teams to grow their companies to the next level.

Meet the CEO

Driven by passion

Anna Samios is Australasia’s first female, Scaling Up Certified Coach. Anna has coached and mentored more than 400 Australian companies over the past three decades as well as founding and owning a family business for over 25 years. She’s fiercely proud to be Australian and passionate about Scaling Australian companies that compete in an international playing field.

Anna loves seeing Australian companies succeed. It’s a passion that has deep roots in her childhood. Growing up in Sydney, the daughter of a pool concreter, Anna remembers her mum and dad talking about their business around the kitchen table every night. She saw how tough it was for her parents to run a small business and support their family.

That personal connection to struggle is why Anna is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders succeed. And it’s why she chose to become a Scaling Up coach. As a proven methodology that has successfully helped over 70,000 companies worldwide, Anna knows Scaling Up brings results.

Meet the team

Scaling Coaches

Our team of Scaling Coaches are CEOs of companies who have significantly scaled using the Scaling Up Methodology.

John Hoffman

Growth Coach

Anna Samios

CEO, Scaling Up Certified Coach

Daniel Caruana

Growth Coach

Specialist Trainers

Our Specialist Trainers specialise in implementing tools to help rapidly scale your organisation.

Ryan Tuckwood

Sales Trainer

Bianca Ward

People & Culture Trainer

Peter Samios

Cash & Accounting Trainer

Operations Team

Nathan Samios

Operations Coordinator

Jenna Samios

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Denise Papamichos

Client Success Coordinator


Dr Glen Richards

Chief Barketing Officer


Performance 7’s
Core Purpose

To lighten the load for every entrepreneur who is willing to have a go.

Performance 7’s
Core Values

  • Ubuntu – Together everyone wins.
  • Kind – We approach everyone with love and kindness.
  • Hungry –  We are driven and want to succeed. 
  • Agile – We have a creative mindset, with a can-do attitude.
  • Fun – We thrive under pressure and always do so with a great sense of humour.

The Big Goal

To be the energy force that powers 1% of Australia’s GDP.

With over 237 years of combined entrepreneurial experience, 

We’re ready to help lighten the load for every entrepreneur who is willing to have a go.

Learn from our team of skilled experts today.