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“I’m such a believer in the concept and process of Scaling Up. Anna has a great grasp on it all. Her approach appeals to most types of personalities – even those who are highly resistant will be won over by Anna’s approach.” 

Kate Quirke | Group Managing Director | Scaling Up In-House Program


Alcidion had recently acquired three other companies. Managing Director, Kate Quirke, knew that they needed to do some work to position the business well for the growth opportunities that lay ahead.

So, she read the Scaling Up book. It resonated with Kate personally as a systematic and proven framework that she could use as the basis for the work she wanted to do within the business.

“I knew the business was about to grow and I understood that we needed to do that in a systematic way,” explains Kate. “Scaling Up just made sense.

I looked up coaches on the Scaling Up website and was drawn to Anna Samios’s profile. I engaged her as our coach to help us implement Scaling Up in the business.”

Using all of her Scaling Up knowledge and business expertise, Anna worked with Kate and the Alcidion senior leadership team to identify high priority areas that would have the greatest impact on their growth goals.

Our 3-Step Strategy To Cultural Change

Step 1 Get The Team Onboard.

“We started with the senior leadership team and other managers,” says Kate.

“We looked at the types of personalities, attitudes and skills we all bring and how to best work together to build cohesion across the team. Communication is a key tenet of the Scaling Up methodology, so we also spent a lot of time implementing daily huddles and building a meeting rhythm into the business.

We wanted to make sure that communication was really supportive through every level of the business so we can get messages out to the team as we need and deal with problems as they arise.” As a team, they were able to have crucial conversations around honest communication… and work together to ensure they instilled a culture of open communication through the business.

Step 2 Commence Team Coaching

Through the process of working with Anna, it was important to Kate that everyone in the business got to meet her and understand her role in the Scaling Up work they were doing.

Kate invited Anna to present at the all-staff conference. But more than that, Anna developed a relationship of trust with the leaders across the business.

“Anna has become a trusted advisor to the senior leadership team,” says Kate. “She has, of course, run sessions with me and the team. But she has also run sessions with senior leaders and their teams. That shows that they feel comfortable including her as part of their own team building and planning.

Anna has become part of Alcidion. She is an extension of who we are.”

Step 3 Develop & Coach The CEO

For Kate, the coaching relationship she has with Anna has grown from the tailored Scaling Up program with Alcidion to the CEO Round Table, which Kate has become a member of.

“As a CEO or Managing Director, you don’t necessarily have someone in your business who you can talk to certain things about. The CEO Round Table is great because it gives you access to a group of other CEOs from different businesses – and different business structures – so you can huddle together and talk through a particular topic.

A lot of what we talk about through these sessions is reinforcing the work I’ve already done directly with Anna. But it also gives me an opportunity to learn from my peers and their real-world experiences.”

The Outcome

Kate And The Alcidion Leadership Team Have Seen A Number Of Benefits In Their Business From The Scaling Up Work They Have Invested In With Anna Samios. “We Have A Much More Cohesive Leadership Team With A Real Understanding Of Open Communication. We Have An Appreciation Of Each Other’s Different Styles And Why That’s Important. While We Had Already Looked At Our Branding And Core Values, Anna Helped Us To Sharpen These And Worked With Us To Instil Them In The Business. We Are Now Much Better At Checking In With People And Reinforcing When We See The Values Come To Life In The Business.  

But The Single Greatest Impact We Have Seen Is From The Daily Huddles. For All Of Us, They’re Just A Part Of Life Now And Nobody Could Imagine Not Having Them. We All Feel More Connected And We Have Greatly Improved The Flow Of Good News And The Identification Of Blockages In The Business.”

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