Scaling Up Success Stories.

Over 400 Australian companies are reaching their goals and enjoying sustained growth thanks to certified Scaling Up Coach and our CEO, Anna Samios.

From ASX listed companies to privately owned businesses, the Performance 7 team will tailor the course and content to suit your business.

But don’t just take it from us. Read our first-hand accounts of what our clients have to say about the impact our CEO has had on their businesses.


“Anna’s knowledge and expertise in her field is outstanding. She can then twist and shape that knowledge to suit our industry. When we are working with Anna, she makes us feel like we are her only client.”
Maurice Terzini

Bondi Icebergs – Grew Agility & Profitability

"Anna Was The Team Motivator And A Pillar Of Strength".​

Not only was Maurice facing the impact of the pandemic on his restaurant, but he was also opening a new restaurant. It was a deal they had signed prior to the pandemic, and while they could have backed out, it was really important to the team to keep it alive. “One of the most significant things Anna does for me is to reinforce our decision making,” explains Maurice.

ACS Engineers – Sailing Through COVID​

Keeping Calm During COVID​​

When COVID 19 first hit, Angela Harlen, Director of Queensland based ACS Engineers, started to spiral. Like many of us, she was churning through all the possibilities of what a global pandemic might mean to her family, her team and her business. It took one Zoom call with certified Scaling Up coach Anna Samios for Angela to realise that the best course of action was to take a few deep breaths and stay focused. Anna’s advice was exactly what Angela needed to hear at that moment.

“Anna told me exactly what I needed to hear. She said stay true to who you are and ride it through. And she was right… COVID has had no impact on us so far. We already had all our systems and processes in place; it’s merely been a blip on the radar.”
Angela Harlen
Director ACS Engineers | Anna Samios Masterclass
“Anna is very good at telling you how it is. She gives you the brutal facts and guides you to think for yourself about what you should be doing as the next step. These types of conversations have pushed me to be a better CEO.”
Daniel Caruana
CEO Danrae Group | Scaling Up In-House Program

Danrae Group – 50% Revenue Growth

Taking Over The Family Business.

The Danrae Group is a proud family business.

It was CEO Daniel Caruana’s father who founded the business and Daniel stepped into his dad’s big shoes to take Danrae Group to the next level.

Daniel first met Anna Samios through the Entrepreneurs’ Program. Anna was the advisor matched with Daniel to create a business improvement plan for his business.

Software Company Easy Agile – Substantial Profit Growth

Software Company, Easy Agile
The entrepreneurs' journey

When Nick Muldoon and his Co-CEO, Dave Elkan, founded Easy Agile in 2018, they were fortunate to have access to a number of mentors who were well connected in business.

That’s ultimately how they met Anna Samios and began their Scaling Up journey.

We love working with Anna. We live the lean principles of building quality and minimising waste. If working with Anna was wasteful, we wouldn’t be doing it, therefore it is valuable to us.”
Nick Muldoon
Co-CEO | Scaling Up Leaders’ Program
“Anna is a champion. You don’t often come across people with her enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping people. This is more than a job to her… it’s her passion.”
Peter Salveson
CEO Hansen Yuncken | Scaling Up In-House Program

Hansen Yuncken – Scaling A $1.2Bn Construction Company

Construction Company, Hansen Yuncken.

Hansen Yuncken is an Australian construction business with more than 100 years of history behind it. It’s a mature business with an annual turnover in excess of $1.2 billion.”Even CEO Peter Salveson admits that the business isn’t your typical Scaling Up candidate.

But when Peter stepped into the CEO role 2016, he engaged a coach who recommended he read Scaling Up. Peter was quickly engrossed in the book and the methodology.

Cardionexus – Scaling Up & Embracing Change

Cardionexus - An End To End Diagnostic Cardiac Service Provider

Matt Faint, Founder and Managing Director of Cardionexus, has been carrying his business plan around in his head for the past fourteen years.

That’s not to say that Cardionexus, a company that provides non-invasive cardio diagnostic services across the east coast of Australia, had been sitting on their laurels. In fact, Matt and his team had steered the business through substantial growth and had just secured investment to expand further.

“I’ve got nothing but positive feedback about Anna and the Masterclass… She’s able to bring all different facets of commerce and make them relevant to everyone in the room.”
Matt Faint
Managing Director – Anna Samios Masterclass
“Anna’s Scaling Up program is very worthwhile. Meeting together with a group of executives gives you a sounding board and the opportunity to share, to listen and also to provide advice to others. In the process of learning, you can serve others, which feels good.”
John Hoffman
CEO Altis Consulting | Member – Scaling Up Leadership Program

Altis Consulting – Shares His Secret To Success

altis - Simply Australia's Best Data Analyst Consultancy.

When a successful CEO tells you growth is not his number one priority, you immediately ask, what is? For John Hoffman, CEO of Altis Consulting, the answer is definitive – his team comes first. “We will give up growth to make sure that we have an engaged, high-quality team that loves what they do every day.”

For ten years running, Altis Consulting has made the Australian Financial Review’s ‘Best Places to Work’* list. It’s a recognition that validates the company’s founding vision – to grow a living company that would continue to be prosperous in 100 years.

Aider Software Company – Dealing With Lockdowns

aider - Software Company Starting Up During A Crisis.

Launching a new product into the market is challenging, but launching at the beginning of a global pandemic is a whole other ball game.

This is exactly where Brendan Roberts, founder and CEO of Auckland based SaaS start-up Aider, found himself during the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Brendan had already committed to the Anna Samios Scaling Up Leaders’ Program and it turned out to be a silver lining amidst the uncertainty. The opportunity gave him space to assess how he could lead his business through this unprecedented crisis.

“Anna has a great deal of empathy and really listens and understands. As a coach, she’s flexible. She doesn’t just ruthlessly follow a program; she adjusts and applies the framework to your circumstances.”
Brendan Roberts
Co-CEO | Scaling Up Leaders’ Program
“If we hadn’t gone through the recent success that we have, you wouldn’t believe the results that Anna’s strategy has delivered. As soon as we met her, we knew there was something real. Anna is super personable but also confident and direct about what you need to do to create success and scale.”
Ante Juricin
Co-Founder Good Thnx | Member – Scaling Up Leaders’ Program

Good Thnx – $1 Into $1M Charity Donation

Software Company - Good Thnx - Doing Good

Ante Juricin and Shannon Poulton co-founded Good Thnx, a SaaS start-up with the ambitious goal of being the world’s best gifting and recognition tool, in late 2014. Since then, they’ve enjoyed the steady rise that is every start-up’s dream. And like so many successful companies, Good Thnx started with a simple ‘What if…?’

It all began on a hot summer day in Adelaide when Ante bought Shannon an icy pole to say thanks. That simple interaction sparked an idea between the two friends. What if you took the idea of that token $1 present and turned it into a donation to the receiver’s charity of choice? Good Thnx was born, but Ante says they didn’t start out to build a business.

Nuvo Health – The Transition Towards A Players

Nuvo Health - The Road To A Players

Lyn See is the Chief Operating Officer of Nuvo Health, a Sydney based medical centre group founded by Dr Ryan Vo and Dr Jonathan Phan. The group currently operates 10 multidisciplinary GP family medical centres and 1 specialist clinic.

Nuvo Health was formed 10 years ago and offers both general practice and allied health services including on-site pathology, physiotherapy, dietetics, psychology and podiatry.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed with how quickly Anna has established rapport with us. She understands our business and her approach has really helped move us in the right direction. Anna is very approachable and generous both with her time, and the information she shares with us. Whilst she pushes us hard, it’s always fun when we’re working with her”.
Lyn See
Chief Operating Officer Nuvo Health | Scaling Up Program
“I’m such a believer in the concept and process of Scaling Up. Anna has a great grasp on it all. Her approach appeals to most types of personalities – even those who are highly resistant will be won over by Anna’s approach.”
Kate Quirke
Group Managing Director | Scaling Up In-House Program

Alcidion – Culture Of Success

Alcidion - Developed a connected culture of open communication

Alcidion had recently acquired three other companies. Managing Director, Kate Quirke, knew that they needed to do some work to position the business well for the growth opportunities that lay ahead.

So, she read the Scaling Up book. It resonated with Kate personally as a systematic and proven framework that she could use as the basis for the work she wanted to do within the business.

Rapid Hardware Group – Turning Around A Toxic Culture

Rapid Hardware Group - The Road To Changing A Toxic Culture

David Williams is the Co-founder / Director of Rapid Hardware Group (RHG), an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of fabricated steel hardware products such as fencing and wire mesh products.

With offices and warehouses in all major Australian cities, New Zealand, and the UK, RHG has expanded its global footprint to include international offices and factories in Hong Kong, Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing and Ho Chi Minh City.

Anna has become part of our family. She understands our business and is passionate about helping us get to where we want to be. She exudes the same level of passion for all her clients and is laser focussed on helping Australian companies succeed in the global arena. Whilst she keeps us on our toes, every moment we spend with her is pleasurable. Anna makes strategy fun!”
David Williams
Co-Founder / Director Rapid Hardware Group | Scaling Up Program

Anna's experience is impressive & offers consulting, coaching, and more.

“Anna’s wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for business growth and strategy have injected our team with the insight and drive to take our business to the next level.”

Dina Roubis-Alwan | General Manager Telechnics.

Anna Has Worked With Some
Of Australia's Best Entities

“Anna’ is a champion. You don’t often come across people with her enthusiasm and genuine interest in

helping people. This is more than a job to her… it’s her passion.”

– Peter Salveson | CEO Hansen Yuncken