“Anna is very good at telling you how it is. She gives you the brutal facts and guides you to think for yourself about what you should be doing as the next step. These types of conversations have pushed me to be a better CEO.”

Daniel Caruana | CEO Danrae Group

Taking Over The Family Business

The Danrae Group is a proud family business.

It was CEO Daniel Caruana’s Father who founded the business and Daniel stepped into his Dad’s big shoes to take Danrae Group to the next level.

Daniel first met Anna Samios through the Entrepreneurs’ Program. Anna was the advisor matched with Daniel to create a business improvement plan for his business.

“There was a lot of synergy between Anna and Danrae,” explains Daniel. “She has run her own family business, so she understands the dynamics. She knows what it takes to grow companies that are also family businesses.”

Private Implementation Program

More than Anna’s understanding of the nuances of family business, there was another reason Anna aligned so well with Daniel and the Danrae team. Daniel States, “Anna is a straight shooter. She tells it how it is and that helped her develop a really good rapport with our leadership team and Trust was established early and that has been a crucial part of our success.”

Client Feedback

“Without Anna, it would have taken me a lot longer to learn Scaling Up. It is a real advantage to have her knowledge – it has really accelerated the Scaling Up implementation in our business.”

Positive Shifts

We know Scaling Up works. We see it in action every day.

And Daniel’s experience with Danrae is no different.

“Working with Anna, we have seen a real change in our business. We have a lot more focus around the four things that are most critical to our success: strategy, people, cash and execution.

We know what matters to the team and that is now a big part of the leadership discussion.

Anna challenges our thinking by asking the right questions. Her background understanding of the market and guiding us to a growth strategy is phenomenal.

In business it is so easy to get distracted. Anna is always helping us to refocus the conversation so we are always talking about the most important thing at that moment.”

Tangible Results

It’s one thing to talk about cultural shifts and changes in the nature of the leadership conversion… it’s another altogether to look at the numbers and the story of success they tell.

“From 2019 to 2020, our revenue grew by 50%. We’ve now got three months cash in the bank, when we were previously running on the overdraft.

A lot of the time we were operating on a gut feeling, because we didn’t have all the information we needed to make decisions.

Anna brings us back to the data so we can make informed strategic decisions. We are no longer working on hypothetical information – we look at what the real numbers are telling us.”

This is the real gold of Scaling Up. Tangible results.

Anna's Support

While the Scaling Up In-House Program is tailored to the individual business, Anna does follow a formula to ensure the business is aligned and on track to reach its goals.

For Daniel, he knows that wherever Anna needs to be… she’ll be there.

“I have a weekly 1:1 check in with Anna which keeps me accountable and heading in the right direction.

We also do quarterly pulsing with the leadership team to reset our goals for the next 100 days as well as annual strategic planning.

But if I needed Anna to help with weekly huddles for the next four weeks, I know she’ll be there, too.”

"I'm A Better CEO Because Of Anna"

Ultimately, Daniel Knows That He Is A Better CEO Because Of Scaling Up And Anna Samios.

He is guiding the Danrae business to new heights, continuing his parents’ legacy.

Danrae Group is consistently hitting goals. The leadership team is focused on what really matters to the growth of the business.

And Daniel is able to confidently steer the ship, knowing that he has the tools, skills and support for a smooth journey.

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