Elite | 12-18 Month
Private Implementation

Duration: 12-18 months

Learning: In-person, private

Every business is unique, but the drivers of growth are the same. Aligning your team and identifying the right initiatives to increase profitability, cashflow and market valuation are the challenges that every business faces. Performance 7 uses the internationally proven Scaling Up framework to deliver in-house executive training, tailored to your business. Performance 7 works with CEOs and leadership teams to accelerate growth and create meaningful change in their organisations. 


Course Leaders:

Anna Samios​

John Hoffman

Our Private Implementation Program Delivers:

  • 90-minute discovery session with the CEO – we find out more about your business, your current focus and long-term plans.
  • Focus day with the executive team – this is the big picture stuff. We drill down into your core values, your ultimate goal and your dream team of A-players.
  • Two-day team strategy session – utilising the core Scaling Up tools, we’ll identify your key priorities for the next 100 days and develop a one page strategic plan.
  • Quarterly pulsing – a regular strategy drive where we identify your quarterly for the next 100 days and assess your accountability processes and team health.
  • CEO one-on-one support – a regular check-in to keep you accountable and moving forward.

Performance 7 has Scaled more than 400 Australian companies. Check out our case studies to learn more.