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“Anna’s knowledge and expertise in her field is outstanding. She can then twist and shape that knowledge to suit our industry. When we are working with Anna, she makes us feel like we are her only client.”

Maurice Terzini | Restaurateur


When Maurice Terzini first started working with Anna Samios it was through his business partners in a restaurant group. Collectively they ran seven pubs and restaurants across Sydney.

“At that time I knew a little about Scaling Up but not a lot,” says Maurice. “Anna was running a tailored program for all of us in the group.

Anna has a great energy to be able to keep a group of people focused on what mattersA number of the things I have learnt through Scaling Up have been life changing.

Maurice knew that Anna was the right coach to help Icebergs Dining Room and Bar to sail through the pandemic.

"Anna Was The Team Motivator And A Pillar Of Strength".

Not only was Maurice facing the impact of the pandemic on his restaurant, but he was also opening a new restaurant.

It was a deal they had signed prior to the pandemic, and while they could have backed out, it was really important to the team to keep it alive.

“One of the most significant things Anna does for me is to reinforce our decision making,” explains Maurice.

During a very challenging period of time, Anna was a pillar of strength for us. She was someone we could fall back on and rely on.”

Through the opening of the restaurant, Anna kept the team motivated and focused on their end goal.

Client Feedback

“Anna reminds us of why we are in business but also understands the value of a lifestyle-driven company. We have streamlined our operations and have a greater ability to complete the tasks we need to do. Most importantly, we have become incredibly agile, which in the business we are in is terribly important”.

Margins & Profit

One of the greatest shifts Maurice and his team have made since working with Anna is to focus on profitability and margins over revenue.

“When you chase revenue it isn’t profitable,” says Maurice. “We knew from experience because that had been our approach previously.

Anna helped us to focus on our core business and on margins and profitability. I come from a creative background, not a financial one, so Anna helps me to balance that out.

Team Fit & Evaluation

“Another area Anna has really helped us in evaluating our team and who fits into our organisation, particularly at the management level”.

Through Anna’s teachings, we have been able to change the way we do things. It’s made opening a new restaurant much easier than it would have been in the past.”

Anna would also raised a number of staffing ideas and concepts that we were aware of but had never put into practice and she helped us to take that step”.

Team Coaching & Trust

The relationship Maurice and his team have with Anna is one of absolute trust.

“She is such an easy-going and straightforward mentor and inspiration for all of us. The team trust her and we all work very efficiently together.

It’s also great to see that each member of the team has developed their own relationship with Anna which makes the sessions so much more valuable”.

Agility & Structure

From a year that has been challenging in so many ways, Maurice and the team at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar are emerging stronger and more united to step into an exciting future.

The restaurant industry is fast-moving and the work Maurice has done with Anna positions the business to keep pace.

“Not only is the team more united and focused on delivering the bottom line but our structure and communication habits have also improved”.

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