A learning and networking community for CEOs and GMs

What is the CEO Hub?

The CEO Hub is a learning and networking community for CEOs and GMs looking to implement the Scaling Up Methodology.

Picture having a team of brains sitting in your seat every day, available to tackle your most pressing questions. When you join our CEO Hub, you’ll become part of a small group of CEOs running teams of a similar size. CEOs come together in the Hub to learn from industry experts and to share and solve the challenges one another are facing.

Who is this for?

The CEO Hub is a vibrant community for kind and motivated CEOs and General managers. To join the CEO Hub, members must be:

  • A CEO or General Manager,
  • Part of a company with a headcount greater than 15 people,
  • Be kind and open to learning in a supporting community.
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What Makes the CEO Hub Different?

Scaling Up Expertise

The CEO Hub is the only program of its kind in Australia created by a Scaling Up Certified Coach. We’ve implemented Scaling Up within hundreds of Australian companies including Octopus Deploy, The Agency, Hansen Yuncken and Montessori Academy.

Influential Guest Speakers

We’re not just offering generic content, we’re bringing in the best Australian entrepreneurs like Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards, and exceptional leaders Richard De Crespigny to provide real-world insights and inspiration.

Supportive Female Members

More than 50% of our members are female CEOs, which means we’re creating an engaged and supportive community for female leaders to thrive in.

Program Inclusions

The CEO Hub is a value-packed learning and networking program.

Boardroom Intensives

Full day learning, collaborating, and networking sessions with guest speakers. During these sessions, CEOs and GMs gather in their mastermind groups to problem solve and share experiences. The 2024 guest speakers lineup includes Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards, and Richard De Crespigny.

Momentum Calls

Virtual learning and group mastermind sessions where CEOs and GMs gather in their mastermind groups to problem solve and share experiences. These session also include a learning segment in which members will learn powerful concepts to be applied in the month ahead.

Membership Portal

Access a catalogue of curated Australian resources to aid your Scaling Up journey, including 24/7 access to video content, downloadable resources and reading content. You will access the latest Australian scaling tips and stay ahead of your competition.

Phone a Friend Calls

Schedule a private call with a coach if you would like more support. Gain personalised guidance and direction to ensure you’re on the right path to growth. Sometimes you just need someone independent to run your business idea or challenge by – we are here to listen.

Networking Events

Attend Long Italian Lunches held all around Australia and our famous Christmas Party. Connect with the of powerful minds of fellow CEOs and expand your network, opening the doors to new partnerships in 2024.

Why CEOs Join Our CEO Hub

A Like-Minded Community

CEOs connect with fellow Scaling Up enthusiasts, who also speak the language of Scaling Up.

Network Expansion

Grow your network and open doors to new partnerships, collaborations, and growth opportunities.

Learn From Experts

Join our learning sessions, led by industry experts and high profile entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Resources

Access a treasure trove of exclusive readings and workshop content designed to keep you at the forefront of your Scaling Up journey.


Receive private support from our coaches, whilst being part of an encouraging Scaling Up community.

Join a Hub

Dive into this network specifically crafted for leaders steering teams ranging from 15 to 50 individuals. Engage with like-minded professionals navigating the complexities of mid-sized enterprises. Exchange ideas, seek advice, and forge valuable connections with peers who understand the unique dynamics of managing a growing workforce.
Immerse yourself in a thriving community designed for executives overseeing expansive teams of 50 or more employees. Learn amongst fellow leaders experiencing similar challenges and opportunities associated in managing large teams. Share strategies, best practices, and innovative approaches to foster organisational success on a significant scale.
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Can anyone apply?

Whilst everyone can apply, we work through a stringent selection criterion so that we make sure you are surrounded by the right people. We are unapologetically very protective of our CEOs in our Hub, so we make sure that the right people, with the right intentions and values are part of our community.

All of the Rockefeller Habits and the Scaling Up Framework will be taught. Your Hub will support your implementation of business growth frameworks within your business.

Absolutely, during our onboarding process we will gain clarity on your business’s size, experience, challenges and ambitions. We will also make sure that you are in the right CEO Hub. You will be joining a vibrant, successful and energetic community of CEOs and Business Owners who have similar aspirations.

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