Ultimate | P7 Groups | 20,000 Scaleups Program

Duration: 12 months

Location: UNSW CBD Campus Sydney 

Start Date: 20th March 2023

This is a 12-month accelerated business program that has been designed for companies wanting disciplined and exponential growth. And it’s simply the best. CEOs and their team will join a small cohort of 7 companies to learn, implement and drive business growth over a 12 month period. CEOs and their senior team will be guided and supported by experts; Anna Samios and Dr Glen Richards.

3 components to the 12-month program:

  1. Group learning; on-campus classes and additional online material,
  2. Private coaching implementation support and
  3. CEO’s TECH Harvard Graduation Certificate

This course is designed for:

  • Established companies seeking to scale their businesses to the next level
  • Suitable for companies with 10-200 employees
  • CEOs and four of their senior direct reports e.g. head of sales, marketing, finance, delivery, R&D, operations, people & culture, engineering etc.

* Acceptance into the program is by Application Only.

Course Leaders:

Anna Samios​

Dr. Glen Richards

1. Learning

On a quarterly basis, a company’s CEO and their senior team come to campus with up to 7 other executive teams for 1-2 days of intensive, face-to-face learning. It’s led by top business thought leaders in the fields of Strategy, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, International expansion, Execution, and Financing/Cash management.

Learning will draw on real-world case studies of high growth companies, as well as intensive work on each company’s own strategy and their execution.

A supplementary online curriculum has been curated to reflect the On-Campus education focus topics for a given quarter. Throughout the year, participating companies are encouraged and welcome to utilise additional on-line learning modules.

2. Implementation Support

Each company will support and benefit from ongoing private implementation coaching in between the On- Campus sessions.

3. Technology & Entrepreneurship Centre at Harvard for CEOs

For those CEOs whose companies have successfully completed the program, they will be presented with a TECH Harvard Certificate to mark their achievement.

The program commences with an initial face-to-face meeting, secondary planning session and intensive 4 hour CEO only training session with Anna and Dr Glen Richards. Each month, the CEO and Anna will meet, review past months’ performance and plan for the month ahead.

Quarter 1

  • Onboarding process for all participating companies
  • CEOs only combined session with Dr Glen Richards
  • Your strategic Game Plan

Quarter 2

  • Financial modeling and metrics

Quarter 3

  • Attracting and keeping a team of A-players

Quarter 4

  • Disciplined execution

Executives are invited to train with other company Executives and learn components of the Scaling Up framework and methodology. In simple terms, they learn and have a quarter to implement and to ensure implementation success. Anna will come onsite to meet your leadership team and ensure they are updating their ‘One Page Strategic Plan’, achieving outcomes and embedding learnings from the group training. 

Quarter 1:

  • 2 days group training + 1/2 day private training

Quarter 2:

  • 1 day group training + 1/2 day private training

Quarter 3:

  • 1 day group training + 1/2 day private review and training

Quarter 4:

  • 1 day group training + 1/2 day private review and training
  • Investment per company from $5,870 per month + GST for 12 months
  • The program is a 12-month commitment
  • This investment includes 5 participants per company at each session
  • Includes all learning materials, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch
  • Additional seats are available upon request and dependent on room capacity and for an additional fee
  • Financing and Installment plans are available
  • Travel and accommodation are additional
  • CEOs TECH Harvard Certificate requires additional fee payable direct to TECH Harvard USD 2,995 + travel and accommodation. 

Performance 7 invites charity organisations to apply for this program. Successful applicants will be welcomed to complete the program on a no-fee basis. Please note, a limited number of charities will be selected to join this program.