Private Implementation Plus

The ultimate one-on-one coaching program for companies looking for a coach, plus access to specialist trainers

What is Private Implementation Plus?

Private Implementation Plus is an extension of our Private Implementation Program. This program is a tailored approach to implementing the Scaling Up Methodology, plus access to specialist trainers.  Trainers diagnose and address specific business pain points in your business to propel your Scaling Up journey.

We have hand-picked best in breed trainers, specialising in contributing to the success of fast-growing companies. Our trainers have a proven track record and work within our implementation program to solve business pain points. We prioritise business improvement initiatives to maximise your business’s profitability, cash flow, and valuation. 

Expert Trainers At Your Service

Accountability Coach

Offers internal support with a focus on meeting rhythms. This includes coaching and guidance on daily huddles, weekly meetings and successfully delivering quarterly priorities.

Cash and Accounting Trainer

Providing teams with cash-decision and, financial literacy training, along with support to build easy monthly management financial reports.

Sales Trainer

Develop your company’s sales efficiency, and articulate your value effectively.

People and Culture Training

Level-up your leaders, HR processes and systems with a highly experienced HR leader who knows you, your company, and your vision.

Marketing Strategist

Develop your company’s marketing strategy, and tactical plan for seamless execution.

Results Driven

Performance 7's Scaling Up Coaches and specialist trainers lead the Private Implementation Program Plus. Their structured approach has helped take hundreds of businesses to the next level. Our team have delivered:

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Creating Happy CEOs

Our implementation approach has created happy CEOs, teams and businesses.

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There’s no doubt we’re going to continue on this journey. It’s not only been great for the team and myself, but to also have a team of people keeping you accountable and supporting you in this journey, has been really helpful.

Matt Hazel
Matt Hazel

Secretary Manager, Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club and St George Sailing Club

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Performance 7 have been so hands-on, so available and so helpful to coach our staff through various learnings.

Cassie Reilly

CEO, Reillys

The Performance 7 Way

In Private Implementation Plus, we go beyond the application of the Scaling Up Framework and engagement of trainers. We also employ the ‘Performance 7 way’ in our implementation approach. This is a method we’ve developed throughout our 30 years of experience Scaling Up Australian businesses, much like yours.

Our approach is anything but standard. It integrates our extensive knowledge and intellectual property, garnered from decades of hands-on experience. It includes specialised tools and techniques designed to facilitate scaling specific to the Australian business landscape. The Performance 7 way is our secret recipe which has helped us transform hundreds of Australian businesses.

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When You Join Private Implementation PLUS, You’ll

1. Alleviate Business Challenges

Our trainers efficiently address pain points and promptly implement solutions, accelerating your growth path.

2. Enhance Your Team's Skill Set

Our expert trainers leverage their knowledge to facilitate skill development that directly enhances your team’s skill set.

3. Benefit from Time-Efficiency

To streamline the implementation process for your team, we offer value-packed training services, saving your organisation precious time.

4. Elevate Team Engagement

Elevate employee engagement and satisfaction by providing growth and development opportunities through access to specialist trainers.

5. Receive Personalised Support

Our trainers offer personalised support, ensuring that your individual needs and goals are met. You’ll receive the guidance and assistance required to accelerate your Scaling Up journey.

Our Passion

Performance 7 loves seeing Australian companies grow and we know Scaling Up delivers results. We’re home to some of the best scaling up coaches Australia has to offer.

It’s a passion and a drive that is deeply personal to our CEO, Anna Samios. Growing up in Sydney, Anna watched her parents’ daily struggle to run their family business. As a business owner, she’s walked the entrepreneurial talk, running her own Chartered Accountancy firm in partnership with her husband Pete for over 20 years. This connection is why Anna is so passionate about helping founders and leaders achieve their goals.

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