Private Implementation

One-on-one coaching program for companies needing assistance scaling up

What is Private Implementation?

Private Implementation is our in-house implementation of the Scaling Up Methodology within your business. Our team of Scaling Up trained Coaches lead this program designed for scaling success.

Tailored to your business, our Private Implementation Program brings your leadership team together to develop an industry dominating strategy and drive results.

A tailored approach to Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up framework, this program is value-packed to drive results. Every business is unique, but the drivers of growth are the same. We use the internationally proven Scaling Up framework to deliver in-house Scaling Up implementation, tailored to your business.

Key Details of Private Implementation

CEO 1-1 Support

CEO’s stay connected with 1-1 calls with your coach, ensuring a hands-on approach to implementing the Scaling Up methodology, tailored to your company's unique needs and goals.

Focus Day

Experience a thought-provoking Focus Day, where we delve deep into your business valuation drivers, ultimate objectives, and ideal lineup of top-tier A-players for your dream team.

Strategy Session

Engage in a comprehensive two-day team strategy session, harnessing the power of core Scaling Up tools to pinpoint your crucial priorities for the next 100 days and craft a concise, one-page strategic plan.

Quarterly Pulsing

A regular strategy drive where we identify your quarterly priorities for the next 90 days and assess your accountability processes and team health.

Results Driven

Performance 7's Scaling Up Certified Coaches lead the Private Implementation Program. Their structured approach has helped take hundreds of businesses to the next level. Our team have delivered:

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Creating Happy CEOs

Our implementation approach has created happy CEOs, teams and businesses.

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If I’d have known how good Performance 7's program is, I would’ve done it earlier. Simple as that.

David Reilly

David Reilly

Founding Director, Reillys

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Gosh I wish I would’ve found Performance 7 earlier. It would’ve been so much easier to apply this framework. My only advice is to just do it.

John Valastro

John Valastro

CEO, simplyai

The Performance 7 Way

We go beyond the application of the Scaling Up Framework. We also employ the ‘Performance 7 way’ in our implementation approach. This is a method we’ve developed throughout our 30 years of experience Scaling Up Australian businesses, much like yours.

Our approach is anything but standard. It integrates our extensive knowledge and intellectual property, garnered from decades of hands-on experience. It includes specialised tools and techniques designed to facilitate scaling specific to the Australian business landscape. The Performance 7 way is our secret recipe which has helped us transform hundreds of Australian businesses.

Audience in the Scaling Up Intensive Event

When You Join Private Implementation, You’ll


1. Develop A Structured Growth Strategy

Gain access to expert guidance and resources that help you develop and execute a comprehensive growth strategy. Create an industry-dominating strategy with this proven approach.


2. Achieve Company Alignment

Attain company alignment by establishing a clear purpose, focus on key metrics, and strategic direction.


3. Meet Key Metrics and KPIs

Key metrics are important measurements that show how well a company is performing. Being held accountable means making sure that you’re responsible for reaching the company’s goals. By keeping an eye on these measurements and checking regularly, the company can make sure it’s going in the right direction to achieve its goals.


4. Join The Southern Hemisphere’s largest Scaling Up Community

CEOs join a community of serial entrepreneurs and Scaling Up enthusiasts. Through our extensive network, we connect like-minded CEOs, and foster an environment of collaboration and camaraderie.

Our Passion

Performance 7 loves seeing Australian companies grow and we know Scaling Up delivers results. We’re home to some of the best scaling up coaches Australia has to offer.

It’s a passion and a drive that is deeply personal to our CEO, Anna Samios. Growing up in Sydney, Anna watched her parents’ daily struggle to run their family business. As a business owner herself, she’s walked the entrepreneurial talk, running her own Chartered Accountancy firm in partnership with her husband Pete for over 20 years. This connection is why Anna is so passionate about helping founders and leaders achieve their goals.

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