Ready, Set Scale! 100-day Kickstart

Duration: 100 Days

Structure: Group Learning + Private Implementation

This is a 100-day intensive program to kickstart your Scaling Up journey. This program will
get you up and running with the Scaling up framework as quickly as possible. Consisting of
group learning and private implementation, this program has been carefully crafted to
ensure your company receives tailored coaching and networking opportunities with other
Scale Ups.

This program is designed for:

  • Entrepreneurs and their leadership teams interested in Scaling Up,
  • Companies new to Scaling Up, who would like an intensive deep-dive into the
    methodology, and
  • Organisations who want to connect with similar organisations also on a Scaling

Aims of Our 100-day Program:

  • Learn to successfully apply the Scaling Up framework within your company,
  • Achieve greater alignment across your entire leadership team,
  • Create an industry-dominating strategy,
  • Identify and heal the ‘pain-points’ in your company,
  • Achieve greater clarity on the direction of the company, and
  • Connect with like-minded CEOs and their leadership teams.

Course Leaders:

Anna Samios​

Daniel Caruana

John Hoffman

1. Company analysis and strategy plan

The 100-Day Program commences with a discovery session with the CEO. We find out more about your business, your current focus and long-term plans. Pain points and obstacles you currently face in your business will also be identified. Our team of experts will use this information to help you create an industry-dominating strategy.

2. Learning and Implementing

This intensive program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to Scale Up your
company. Our team of experts will lead you through intensive learning days, quarterly
advances, and strategy planning. You will become an expert in the 4 decisions: People,
Strategy, Execution and Cash.

3. Network with our community.

Your company will have direct access to Performance 7’s network of like-minded CEOs and
their leadership teams. Through the 100-Day Program, you and your team will have
opportunities to connect with fellow

  • Opportunities Assessment
  • One Page Strategic Plan
  • Entrepreneurs mastermind
  • Team training
  • Quarterly Advance
  • Brilliant community
  • Experienced network

We’ll get you on your scaling up journey fast!