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What is a One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP)?

How to complete your One Page Strategic Plan

What is the One Page Strategic Plan?

The One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) is an approach to strategic planning that is meant to help businesses simplify their strategic priorities and create a plan that is both actionable and effective for growth.

Created by Verne Harnish in his book, “Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t,”, the One Page Strategic Plan is one of the most talked about strategic planning templates in the business world. The tool is renowned for helping business leaders simply map out their strategy and get everyone on the same page.



one page strategic plan

Benefits of the One Page Strategic Plan

  1. Clarity and Focus – The concise nature of the OPSP ensures that the organisation’s mission, vision, and key priorities are clearly articulated and easily understandable for all stakeholders.
  2. Alignment and Accountability – By outlining strategic objectives and assigning clear owners, each team member understands their role in achieving the outcomes.
  3. Simplified Execution – The One Page Strategic Plan breaks down complex strategies into actionable and digestible components.
Benefits of the OPSP

We’re now going to unpack certain sections of the One Page Strategic Plan. Download your free OPSP below to follow along.



one page strategic plan
In this blog, we'll unpack:

1. Core Values / Beliefs

What are Core Values?

Core values are the important rules that everyone in a team follows. They’re put on a one-page plan so everyone can easily remember and stick to them.

As your company grows and its culture matures, the importance for a framework to uphold your core beliefs over time becomes crucial. This is where your Core Values play a pivotal role.  

These values are not just words on a wall, they are the cornerstone of the organisation, shaping its behaviour and relationships both internally and externally. 

Core values are crucial to any business and as a result and have a rightful place on the One Page Strategic Plan. 

Core Values One Strategic Plan Screenshot of document

2. Core Purpose & BHAG™

What is a core purpose in business?

A core purpose in business encapsulates the fundamental reason for a business’s existence beyond just making profits. It goes beyond what a company does or sells. Instead, it defines why it does what it does and the impact it seeks to create in the world. This purpose serves as the North Star guiding all strategic decisions, actions, and behaviours within the organisation. It’s important to get clear on your core purpose, as this will influence your BHAG™.

What is a BHAG™?

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is a powerful strategic tool that serves to inspire and motivate a business to achieve greatness. Created by Jim Collins, a BHAG™ is a long-term visionary goal that is bold, ambitious, and often seems beyond reach at the time of its conception. A BHAG stretches an organisation’s capabilities and pushes it to think beyond the status quo, rallying team members around a shared purpose and vision for the future. It serves as a unifying force, aligning efforts and resources toward a common objective that ignites passion and drives innovation.

Screenshot of One Page strategic plan highlighting purpose

3. Targets and Goals

3-5 Year Targets & 1-year Goals

Within the OPSP, there are goals set for both the short term and the long term. The long-term goals, which cover a span of 3-5 years, give a big-picture view of where the organisation wants to go. These goals help leaders make important decisions about where to focus resources and efforts over the next few years. On the other hand, there are also goals set for just one year. These short-term goals are smaller, more immediate targets that help the organisation stay on track toward its bigger, long-term goals. These yearly goals keep everyone focused on what needs to be done right now to keep moving forward. 

Screenshot of One Page strategic plan highlighting target and goals

4. Quarterly Priorities

What are Quarterly Priorities?

Quarterly priorities in the Scaling Up methodology are pivotal for guiding a business’s growth trajectory. By identifying key objectives aligned with long-term goals, these priorities provide clarity, focus, and accountability throughout the organisation. Assigning ownership to each priority ensures dedicated efforts towards their achievement, fostering a culture of responsibility and engagement among team members.  

Re-setting priorities each quarter enables adaptability and agility, allowing businesses to swiftly respond to market dynamics and capitalise on emerging opportunities. In essence, quarterly priorities serve as a roadmap for driving progress, enhancing alignment, and ultimately achieving sustainable growth in scaling up operations.

screenshot of Quarterly Priorities

5. Strengths, weaknesses and trends (SWT)

At the base of the OPSP, you’ll outline your company’s three standout strengths and weaknesses. There’s also space to note six key trends expected to impact your company and its industry. 

This approach is a modernised version of the traditional SWOT analysis, which typically covers Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  

The conventional SWOT analysis has an inward-looking perspective, which may not be the ideal tool for identifying trends in diverse industries and distant markets.  

The SWT section of the OPSP aids in integrating trends into your strategic plans, ensuring a more comprehensive and forward-thinking approach. 

Screenshot of One Page strategic plan highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and trends

6. Quarterly Themes

Setting a quarterly theme is a collaborative process where everyone agrees on a central theme and visual representation that will guide progress tracking and goal achievement throughout the quarter.
Quarterly themes are tailored to the specific situation and goal of the company. For example, in a quarter where reducing customer churn is a main objective, the quarterly theme could be around customer service excellence. This theme could focus on improving customer satisfaction through various initiatives such as customer feedback analysis, personalised support, and product enhancements.

Regardless of the chosen theme, the key is to unite as a team to develop it collectively, ensuring everyone is committed and accountable.

Does the One Page Strategic Plan work?

Yes, the One Page Strategic Plan has proven to be highly effective for several businesses. We’ve helped over 160 Australian businesses complete their plans and seen remarkable results. 

If you need help creating your One Page Strategic Plan AND keeping your team accountable to it, our team can help you. 

Email us at admin@performance7.global. We’re here to help you navigate the strategic planning process and unlock your business’s full potential. 


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