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At Performance 7, we specialise in Scaling Up Australian companies. We have implemented Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up Methodology in over 148 companies across Australia and New Zealand. We deliver our clients exceptional results, creating happy scale-ups and in-turn, happy CEOs.

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Realise Business Growth

Our coaches work closely with CEOs and leadership teams, implementing tools and techniques to ultimately achieve business growth. Our coaches have years of experience implementing the Scaling Up framework and are pioneers in helping companies grow. We work closely with businesses and help our clients grow better, faster, and more sustainably.

Increase your Valuation

We identify growth opportunities and implement effective revenue generation strategies. Our Scale Up Consultants work closely with you to optimise your business’s financial performance. We pave the way for your business to thrive and increase its valuation, driving long-term success and profitability.

Join a Scaling Up Community

Performance 7 is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and most connected Scaling Up community. When clients join Performance 7, they gain access to a thriving network of CEOs.

Our CEO, Anna Samios, has built a network of like-minded CEOs who are passionate about growing their businesses. Our community is designed to help each CEO grow better, faster and more sustainably, all whilst being more connected. Our community is what makes us special and is what takes our clients businesses to the next level.

Trusted by Companies Across Australia

Watch this video to hear how family-business Reillys & Associates are scaling.

Watch this video to see how Sailing Clubs Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club & St George Sailing Club are scaling.

What is Scaling Up?

Scaling Up is an internationally proven framework that has helped over 70,000 companies transform into industry dominating businesses. Scaling Up focuses on the 4 DECISIONS™ methodology that every company must get right: PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, CASH™. The framework serves as a guide for leaders seeking to build resilient and successful businesses. 

If you’re a leader who believes your company can achieve big things, then Performance 7 can get you there.

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